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Previously well known as Kottayam and Kollam [Quilon] district. Alleppy was deviated and formed as a district on 17th August 1957. The place is blessed with nature and water around. The name does mean the same, “the land between the sea and the network of rivers flowing into it”. The circumference of the district would be a spread area of 1,414 In the west with the great waters of Arabian Sea, lakes, lagoons fresh water river, seem to be twin with Venice in the East. The major three rivers are Achankoil,Pamba and Manimala. This spot is also a wildlife sanctuary, the major trade industry is coir and allied products, and Alleppy is the monopoly in coir production and exports. Kuttanad here is known as the Rice Bowl of Kerala.

Alleppy as the headquarters has its unique was in maritime history because of its proximity to sea. This spot is also well known for its boat racing, house boat holidays, beaches marine products and coir industry.

The Alleppy local sights

Alappuzha House boat cruises

Allappuzha is a famous centre of house boating cruises. Next to kasmir, people enjoy boating as a great pleasure here, it’s really a wonderful thought of enchantment while we sail bliss and ease to the core of comfort. These house boats cruises are offered by house boats operators from Alappuzha – Kollam ,  Alappuzha – Kottayam and Alappuzha –Kochi.

Alleppy Boat races

Alleppy is a spectacular event and a sport of bravery, speed teamwork and music to enthuse and enjoyment which really thrills the viewers and the tourists every year. During the month of August , the district itself organize this annual Nehru trophy boat race with great funda and fiesta as a carnival at Punnamada Lake at Chamkakkulam, where in it is recoreded that the snake boats here are the largest boats in the world , will be a pride to the country too. The colourful boats that splashes through the green waters with great sound of music and spirit that spells a magical speed to the wooden vessels, will really be an amazing visual that the existing eyes would be insufficient. This great spot was intialised by the late prime minister Hon. Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru, added to this Nehru trophy boat race , you have races at Payippad, Thiruvandoor, Neerethupuram, Karuvatta and Thykkoottam are also the famous sporting spots in this region.

Alleppy Fishing

Kerala by nature been surrounded by waters is liable to grow in fishing industry, in which Alleppy is one of the most vivacious fishing centre named Chakara, a rare marine phenomenon that shores in a large number of fishes from the sea , Purakkad is one of the main fishing centre here too.

The beach and the light house in Alleppy

Alleppy beach light is another entertainment spot with beaches and picnic beach parks around. The light house here is the oldest of 137 years, the most ancient one on the western coast, which was built in the year 1862 and still not exhausted its beauty will be the historic proof of honesty architecture those days.

Chambakkulam Church

This will be as one of the oldest church of South India and in Kerala the St.Mary’s church is believed that it was established by St. Thomas the apostle of Jesus Christ, who presented himself during 52 AD and as a Martyr he departed for the holy name of Jesus Chirst.

Alappuzha Tourism Information
Qst and R block Kayal

These are the backwaters situated in Kuttanad,where indigenous agricultural engineering that has made cultivation and habitation happen under four to ten feet below the sea level. Moreover, a sail on the big wooden whale along the canal side will be an experience unforgettable...

(47 km)

This building was once the residence of the rulers of Kayamkulam kingdom. A wonderful palace of Krishnapuram filled with exquisite architectural design which takes us to thoughts of our pre historic periods. While looking at the gabled roofs, narrow corridors and dormer windows that express the kerala style architecture from the past.

(32 km)

Haripad is a serpent shrine at Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja temple started by a Brahmin family headed by a priestess, the famous festival celebrate is Ayilyam.

Chavara Bhavan
( 6 km)

This location speaks about the pre historic ages , this spot is accessible only by boat a blessed ancestral home named Kuriakose Elias Chavara. Today, it’s a holy shrine for spirituality. About 250 year old beacon lights are preserved, in fact its original charm and primitive form still exists.

(3 km)

Here, great legends are associated with an 11th century statue of Lord Buddha is known as Karumadikuttan.

Alappuzha Tour Information

(15 km)

A famous temple of Sree Krishna is located here, it is built typically to the style of Kerala architecture and its famous for Palpayasam (daily offering of sweet milk porridge) the great poet Kunchan Nambiar was the first person to perform a satiric art in this premises.

Edathua Church
(24 km)

This church is dedicated to St. George, which was established during 1810. the prayers answering God, answers the prayers to heal the mental illness is a belief of religious faith and truth.


This is an important Christian pilgrimage centre. Here, you have St. Sebastian’s church which is famously known for the Arthunkal perunal held in January every year.


A large number of devotees swam in here for the great Kettukazcha festival that takes place at the temple of Chettikulanagara Bhagavathy.


This location is bird’s sanctuary, a nearby small island on the backwaters of Allappuzha which is surrounded by the Vemkanad Lake. The only mode of transport is boating. Every year over hundreds of rare birds keep migrating from various parts of the worlds are found here.

How to get there

This district is well connected with road and rail. The nearest airport is Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram.