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Idukki the name was previously known as Idukku which means a narrow gauge. The want of water resources to irrigation is plenteous by trhe three main rivers namely The Periyar, The Thalayar and The Thodupuzhayar, even the river Pamba is been originated in this district. This district is spread over an area of 5019 circumference in greenish woods and a pleasant climate. It lies at an altitude of 2200m above sea level. The highest peak Anamudi is here in this district which adds an importance to the kerala state. As a tourist location Idukki offers great attractions such as wildlife sanctuaries, hillstations , spice plantation tours, mountain treks, elephant rides etc; Idukki district has a large population of tribal people , yet and still civilized . The town of painavu is the district headquarters. 

Idukki Tourism Information

Thekkady Tourism Information

This is a spot of endangered game fish in India. This place has got its fame and tourist growth because of the beautiful big lake which was formed in the year 1895. The Periyar lake and streams have several species of fishes like masheer and many varities of reptiles too.. later, the Madras government has constructed a reservoir across Periyar namely lower camp of the Idukki dam and today tourist are allowed to boat to see the nature alive in wildlife . This spot is a renowned wildlife sanctuary with 35 species mammals, 265 species of birds and so forth. Early in the morning as the sun rise you have a look at this dense forest clothed beautifully with natural colours and while the birds chirp symphony, the elephants parade trumpeting as family to bathe will be an awesome view with safety and security with the kerala tourism corporation. “A lovely spot to tour within nature”!

The sanctuary watch tower

Experiencing night watch at a forest is quite an adventure; still the department of forest information centre, thekkady has two watch towers in the interior parts of the Periyar forest. Advance booking and reservations are made at this centre.


This is a hill station along the Periyar River; on travel you get fabulous view on naturals hills. This place is only accessible by jeep because of the steep roads. The famous Sree Ayyappa temple at Sabarimala and the Makara Jyothi illuminations at the shrine are visible from here.

Munnar Tour Information

A famous hill station in India situated at the three mountain streams Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala located at 1600m above sea level. The beautiful hill slopes are patched with tea and cardamom estates and great view of valleys and the sensational mist that romancing the hills are beautifying nature so lovely. During the British Government in south India, this spot was the summer resort and a relaxing location for the rulers of those days, and even today, Munnar is a spot with splendid beauty of nature and pleasantness.

Tea museum

This is at Nallathanni estate owned by Tata tea in Munar. The museum house has curios, photographs and machineries that explain the turning point and growth of the tea industry. A sundial placed on granite blocks made in 1913 by the art industrial school at Nazareth, Tamilnadu greets a visitor to the tea museum.


A lovely spot of South India hangs between Chellarkovil and the Tamilnadu border. The place is so scenic filled with exotic flora and fauna and some rhythmic streams  that sounds music , a wonderful delight for the photographers to view it with their third eye and also to sportive challengers to trek their trip, a heavenly blessings on earth.


Here, the most prominent location to visit is the lake and the Mettupetty dam. This is located 13km from Munnar at a height of 1700m birds and wildlife sanctuary too. This ideal picnic spot could be the dam with boating will be the interest speed launches, slow speed boat and motorboats can be hired. Nearby , place to visit are Kundala tea plantations and the Kundala lake and you have a dairy farm, a major project of the Indo- Swiss livestock is existing.

Idukki Tour Information

Eravikulam National Park- Rajamala
(15 km from Munnar)

Here, you get the graceful visual about the Anamudi, highest peak (2695m) called as the southern Himalayas, tower over the sanctuary. This park as a sanctuary is endangered by mountain goats of south India, the Nilgiri Tahr (Hemitragus Hylocrious) and also with nature.

(22km from Munnar)

An ideal location to picnic, it is encamped by Tata tea plantations and an evergreen forest of nature and beauty.

Top station
(32km from Munnar)

While attaining heights we grow excited is natural and with nature it becomes enjoyment. This Top station is situated at a height of 1700m above sea level this highest point on the Munnar- Kodaikannal road provides an significant view over the neighbouring state of Tamilnadu . The other valuable information is that Neelakurunji (Strobilanthus) belongs to this region.


Another good location on the hills on the way to Top station, its artificial dam, Aruvikkad waterfalls and the Tata tea Ltd. Gold course are the highlights here and near Kundala.

Lock Heart Gap
(13km from Munnar)

Adventurous spot for trekkers and to live with the wildlife…!

Echo point
(15 km fromMunnar)

A lovely place for the nature lovers, a picturesque spot with echo Phenomenon makes this place more popular.


You get a wonderful view of Bodi and Cumbum the villages at the foot hills of the Western Ghats. An eagle’s view is always so perfect and awesome and will miss nothing…!


The dam is a masterpiece of a challenging Engineering work. This dam is the first arch-dam in India, built between two granite hills across the river Periyar. This mega structure was inaugurated in year 1976 and now famously visited by a lot of tourists every day.


This is a hill station located 40 km from Kumily, this spot is an en-route to the Periyar tiger reserve. Previously, the Rajas of Tranvancore where using it as the summer palace and today a monument here. Kuttikanam and Thrissanku hills, places of adventure tourism are near by 3 to 4 km from Pirmed.

Tribal settlements in Pirmed

The main tribals here are Plakkathadam, you have Orali, Malapandaram, Malayarayan tribal who live here. Even this location is famous for trekking adventure.

(5km from Pirmed)

It is known as Parunthupara (eagle rock) famous for its eagle’s view from the peak.

Sahyadri Ayurvedic centre

A well established hospital, known for its curative and rejuvenating treatment packages are given here. Most of the celebrities and high society people do get treated here for sure.

Peeru hills

This spot is located at 4 km from Pirmedu. Peeru hills were the name given after Sufi saint, Peer Mohammed who sojourned here. Other spots of visit are Mausoleum of Sufi saint; summer palace and residence of the Diwan are the worthy places of time to be spent.


This is a hill draped in silk located in Pirmed. The peaks seems to be so beautiful as the sun rays kisses the meadows, plantations and the busily running streams adds more eternal beauty to this spot. At the top of the hill you have Velankanni Matha church built of granites.


This spot is a chain of three hills namely the Thangal hill, the Murugan Hills and the Kurisumala ranges explore the trinity religion impacts of Muslim, Hindus and Christians respectively.


This is an important pre historic site in kerala with Dolmenoid cists (dolemenoids were burial chambers made of four stones placed on edges and covered by a fifth one called the cap stone) in Muniyara is found here. Other attractions are Rajiv Ghandhi National Park and Thoovanam waterfalls. This location is also famous for sandalwood forest and sericulture and silk sari weaving and mostly known for Marayur jaggery an eatable of south India.


Another ideal spot for adventure tourism, this place is filled with herbal medicinal values from nature. This is situated 25km from Thodupuzha, other attractive spot here will be the Rainbow waterfalls, which flows down a rock from 1500m high is a wonderful sight seeing here.


Other waterfalls located between Munnar and Pallivasal, a lovely location for sight seeing with natures scenic.

The Idukki wildlife sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary lies adjacent to the world famous idukki arch dam. A forest region spread over is located at about 40km from Thodupuzha between Cheruthoni River and the Periyar River.

The periyar wildlife sanctuary

This is situated at the banks of the artificial lake named Periyar Lake at Thekkady, encircled with the Western Ghats this sanctuary is blessed with unique qualities of forest itself with evergreen woods and bushy thick forest and savannah grasslands are the enchanting aspects to the viewer’s vision. Added to it the wildlife animals such as, elephants, sambars, tigers, gaurs, lion tailed macaques and Nilgiri langurs lives here, and at dawn and dusk they gather together to beautify the shores of the lake while they water for themselves. Great attractions are elephant rides, boating on the lake and trekking to the perished Mangaladevi temple will add satisfaction to the tourists.

Chinnar wildlife sanctuary

Another sanctuary located at about 60 km from Munnar, this forest is thorny and scrub with xerophyte species is the habitat for the endangered giant grizzled squirrels of India.


This is another trekking spot, spotted on the Kochi- Madurai highways. The cheeryappara waterfalls cascade down in seven steps flow is its uniqueness in nature. This Cheeryappara and Valara waterfalls is located between Neriamangalam and Adimali on the way to Kochi.


This is a rocky area of about 500 acres an ideal spot for mountaineering.

Malankara reservoir

This reservoir is ideal for fishing and boating situated between Thodupuzha – Moolamattam roads and it is an artificial lake.


Here, you have lovely waterfalls as a picnic spot.


Moolamattam town, Malankara lake etc; can be viewed from the high pavilion situated here.


This is located 3125m above sea level, a clean view of Kochi, Alappuzha and other nearby towns can be seen from here.

Kalvari mount

A famous pilgrimage centre on the way to kattappana.


Again, nature beauty bliss fills this spot and makes it as an enchanting retreat to the visitors.

(50 km)

This spot has mythological explanations after its name. A scenic location is believed that this forest and hills was built by Boothams( spirits/ Ghosts) overnight and that’s how  they have named it with a mean of ‘forts of the spirits’ you have a dam sight with boating facility in this vast virgin woods. The two major irrigation project of Ernakulam district are the Periyar valley irrigation and Idamalayar irrigation project are located near to it.


This spot is in Munnar, which offers a graceful sight of the tea, coffee and cardamom estates which are flourished acres together.


This is a main spot of cardamom, coffee and pepper plantations.


This spot as beautiful waterfalls around, it is located between Munnar and Rajamala.


This spot is famous for Pallyvasal Hydel power project and the rest of the hill town is so beautifully filled with nature, tea plantations, little cottages, bungalows, courts and playgrounds… wherein mists and chill breeze visits them often.

Power house waterfalls

Located on the rocky region about 2000m above the sea level. This cascade is found on the way to Thekkady from Munnar.

Thumpachi Calveri Samuchayam

A lovely spot to meditate, to relax and to watch the dusk fall…! 


You get an exquisite aerial view from here; you can see idukki reservoir and other peaks and forest around this place. This is also a spot for adventure tourism.

(18 km from thekkady)

Kerala forest development corporation team has started Gavi Eco- tourism project to offer tourists a splendid touring activities such as trekking, wildlife watching, outdoor camping in tents and night safaris makes more thrill and skill in a tours visit to this spot.

How to get there

NH-49 the Kochi-Madura bus route reaches idukki district. Thodupuzha , the major town in the district is well connected with roads to other parts of the places in this district. Bus services on mountain range are scant. No rail road, nearest railway station is at Kottayam. Nearest airport is at Cochin 132km away.