Kannur Information

This was earlier known as canannore and it is the district headquarters. Previously it was the capital of Kolathiri Rajas and has a great historical value. The town dates back to King Solomon’s ship when anchored here to collect timber to build the “Temple of the Lord” and to secure the most exotic spices at the Malabar Coast.
Today this district is spread over an area of 2997 sq.km with the Western Ghats in the east (coorg district of Karnataka state) Kozhikode and Wayanad district in the south, Lakshadeep Sea in the west and Kasargad in the North. This district is filled with natural beauty and contributes great values to the cultural folk art and folk music of kerala and also in the religious, political and industrial heritage of the state.

Kannur Tourism Information

Payyambalam Beach
(2 km)

A soothing spot to relax at the warmth of the out stretched sand while the surges whispers some secrets to the shore will be a blessed birth to this earth. The calm beach is a secluded spot for a pleasant evening for the keralaites.

St. Angelo Fort
(3 km)

This is also called as Kannur Fort, a massive triangular laterite  built in the year 1505 by the first Portuguese Viceroy Don Francesco De Alimeida. As of today, it is maintained by the archeological survey of India. You get a fabulous view of the Moppila bay and Dharmadom Island from here. This Dharmadom Island is five acres in area located 100m away from the main land in the Arabian Sea. You need prior permission to step in this private owned Island “trespassers are prohibited” zone.

Muzhapilangad beach
(15 km)

This is a drive in beach which stretches across 4 km of sand. A calm and serene beach still remains secluded and virgin.

Kizhunna Ezhara beach
(11 km)

Another secluded beach in kerala, has beautifully stretched sand that decorates nature and gives bliss to the visitors.

Meenkunnu beach
(12 km)

This is another beach with golden stone and scenic to the tourist.

(3 km)

This was the residence of the former Arakkal Ali Rajas, the only Muslim royal family of Kerala.

(16 km)

This is a snake park to preserve and conserve snakes. At present it has 150 varieties of snakes here.

Kannur Tour Information

Malayala kala Gramam
(29 km)

An artistic location that create the real neo artist here. Located at the new Mahe it is kown as Makam. Tis centre provides creativity in arts and ideas for youngsters through kalari (stage) to practice. A vital spot to perform martial arts and fine arts courses offered part time and full time in painting, sculpture, music, and dance and pottery art.

Aralam wildlife sanctuary
(60 km)

An awesome wildlife sanctuary at an area of 55 sq.km on the Western Ghats slopes. Katti Betta –the highest peak by 1145m above sea level is filled with varieties of flora and fauna.

Thalassery Fort
(22 km)

This is located in the town of Thalassery with values that impacts historical monuments.

Thodikkulam Temple
(2km from Thalassery)

It is a sanctorum enriched with 150 mural paintings on the four walls of the temple, so unique and divine to visit.

Parassinikadavu Sri Muthappan Temple
( 20 km)

It is a Siva Temple located on the banks of the river valapatnam, it is a popular destination for the travelers and pilgrims who visit here to this Theyyam.

Pythal Mala
(65 km)

A beautiful hill station situated 4,500 ft above sea level near the Kerala- Karnataka border, this is filled with flora and fauna and it is just 6 km trek to the top of the hills.

Pazhassi Dam
(37 km)

A place of retreat to the tourist, so picturesque scenario of beauty and joy…

Gundert Bungalow
(20 km)

Since, 1839 Dr. Herman Gundert lived here for 20 years. He was the revered german missionary, scholar and lexicographer. This place is famous for publishing the first Malayalam dictionary and the first Malayalam News paper “Paschimodayam” from here.

Kannur Temple Information

Trichambaram Temple
(20 km)

Here, Sree Krishna is the deity been worshipped a sacred place for the Vaishnava cult.

Sree Ramaswami Temple, Thiruvangal
( 23 Km)

One of the most important temple in Malabar dedicated to Sri Rama. The paintings and carvings are said to be aging back for more than 400 years.

Thodeekulam Siva Temple
(34 km)

This temple is closely connected with the Pazhassi Raja family of kottayam. It is believed that this would have been constructed 2,000 years ago. Its mural paintings are famous and splendid to view.


This place in Payyamu is famous for its unique bronze lamps and sculpture.


Annapoorneswari Temple is located here and also a school for Kathakali – Panchavadya called Asthikalalaya is situated here.

Madayi para
(25 km)

The major attraction here is the Madayi Kavu temple, the Vadukunnu temple, the 12th century mosque built by Malik Ikin Deenar with white marbles from Arabia. Then, a dilapidated fort at Madayi by Tipu sultan of Mysore is another attraction here.


This is a restricted spot. The exquisite beach here has a hill station nearby. Whereon, you have carved stone pillars and an ancient burial chamber at the foot of the hills. The natural woods here are found to be medicinal impact herbs. The spot is developing into a Naval Academy centre, entry through permission is allowed here.

How to get there

This district is well connected by roads and rail. NH-47 via kannur connects to the other major place in Kerala. Thalassery- Virajpetta rout is another Kerala- Karnataka route from Kannur. Kannur has a major railway station for rail routes from north Kerala. The nearest airport is Karipur International airport. Kozhikode , 93km from Kannur town.