Kasaragod Online Information

Kasaragod is the district headquarters, a beautiful town located at the extreme north of the Kerala state. The only district that grows tobacco and the largest producer of arecanut. The erstwhile formation of Kerala, a section of this was with south Canara of Karnrtaka. Therefore, even today the influence of Karnataka language and culture still exist. The          major industries of this district are coir and handloom industries. So, proudly spread over an area of 1961sq.km with great values of gods, forts, river, hills and beaches. A dozen of rivers nourishes this district through farming and fishing. Moreover, Kasaragad, displays a variety of styles in temple architecture, such as the style of Madhir Mahaganapathy Temple, and also a typical Kerala style Masjid of Malik Deenar Great Jumma Masjid reveals the richness in cultureand religion. Theyyam, Yakshgana, Poorakili and Kolkali are the folks fine arts that this region proudly presents.

Kasaragod Tourism Information

Malik Deenar Mosque

The typical Kerala pattern mosque built by Malik Ja in Deenar is a prehistoric records that tobevistrd.


A sacres spot with Mother Dolorous Church of Bela, built hundred years back. This Roman Catholic Church was built in the Gothic style which stills reminds the ages back of architectural values. This is situated 11km from Kumbla on the Kumbla-Badiadka road.

Edneer Mutt

This Mutt iof Edneer is a place to learn the belonging and doctrines of Sankaracharya traditions and values.


This is an ancient temple of lord Siva. A sanscrit inscription in Kannada language is ascribed to the Western Chalukya King Kirthivarman 11nd aging [745-755AD]. Today, it is named as Sree Mahalingeswara Temple and located at the banks of the River Payaswini and surrounded with green woods.


Located over the Western Ghats hills of 750m above sea level, Ranipuram is highly           filled with nature and been spot for trekking and vegetation. Being a wildlife sanctuary, it is warned that wild elephants wander on roads ever. Only Jeep services are allowed to Ranipuram from Panathady.

Madhur temple

The temple dedicated to Srimad Anantheswara Vinayaka, its architectural values and copper plate roofing provides extensive artistic workmanship those days. It is situated on the beautiful landscape of the Madhuvahini River.

Bekal Fort [16km]

A huge fort to the shape of a keyhole, is the architecture challenge. This spot is surrounded by the beach & the backwaters and hills. Water sporting is the added attraction nearby. You have Mosque which is said to be built by Tipu Sulthan is another spot of visit.

Bekal Hole Aqua Park

Near to Bekal fort, just 1km adjacent, you have this spot, with water sport like peddle boat and warwe cycles, which provides enjoyment wholesome to the visitor.

Ananthapura lake temple
(30 km from Bekal)

This is the only lake temple in Kerala with abode of Anandapadmanabha, the deity of Sree Padmanabha Swami temple – Thiruvananthapuram.this temple dates back to 9th century is an historic factor.

[30 km from Bekal]

A wonderful backwater stretch found in Kerala is this Valiyaparamba. It is nourished with four rivers and with numerous islands around are extremely scenic and picturesque.

[15km from Bekal]

This location is renowned internationally today, for its calm, quite, meditative and spiritual devotions that take place here. The founder of this peaceful ambience is Swami Ramdos in the year 1939.

[1km from Bekal Fort]

A shallow beach that offers great relaxation and recreation, you get a splendid view of the fort from here.

Kapil Beach

This beach is yet to become a major tourist attraction with fast pacing of development. It is so remote and seclude beach. Nearby, Kodi cliff offers a panoramic view of the Arabien sea.

Chandragiris Cusines
[Back water]

The famous fort of the 17th century built by Sivappa Naik of Bedanore is located here. This spot offers a graceful view of the river and the Arabien sea. Exactly, this spot is located on the Chanragiri river, south east of Kasaragod town. Boat trips to nearby islands and palm groves are available from Chandragiri bridge.

Kasaragod Tour Information


This is a picnic spot located on a hillock of 1060 ft. above sea level again a spot of nature filled.


The deity Madiyankulam Durga is worshipped in this temple, and is famous for the Bhutha dance

Kanhangad / Hosdurg Fort

This spot is famously known for the chain of forts built by Somashekara Nayak of Ikkeri dynasity and also the Nithyanandashram, a centre of peace & meditation which renowned worldwide as a spiritual center.

[30 km from Kanhangad]

An ideal spot for trekking, it is a rain forest near Konnakkad, the spot resembles the the natural beauty as  Kodaikannal.


Charuvattur is a picnic spot and also home to the illustrious poets and scholar of Kuttamath. You have the ruined buildings of Dutch fort of 18th century still in exsistence in the Veeramala hills.


This place is the hometown to T.S.Thirumumb who was a poet and freedom fighter and Guru Chandru Panikar was a great Kathakali artist. This home is for these great poets and scholars of Kuttamath is still existing.

Jain Temples

There are two old Jain Bastis at Bengara Manjeswar on the southern bank of the Manjeswar River.


Here, you have the memorial of late Govinda Pai, the grand patriarch of Kannada literature and this township is famous for cashew-growing, but still encamped with a lot of temples and fifteen mosques, this spot is considered tobe one of the prominent pilgrim centre in the state.

Kanwatheertha Beach
[3km from Manjeswaram]

A large swimming pool – as the formation of the sea on the beach will be the major attraction.

Pandian kallu

The historical story says that when the great ruler Pandian attacked Trikkannad temple the ship was converted into a rock and therewise,named as Pandiyan Kallu. A quite challenging spot for swimmers located as a rising rock amidst the sea about 2km from the Trikkanad Temple.


The Juma Masjid is the best kept attractive spot of this district.


Lord Kshestrapalan and Bhagavathi is consecrated here in this temple, and it is also known as Kekulom [the eastern place].


This spot tells how this district was culture based, this was the seat of the Nileswar Rajas. Today, this palace functions as the folklore centre of  the department of  Archeology. The town is basically filled in with lots of shrines, temple, festives etc… Kovil Bhavan Yoga centre and cultural centre pffers good health therepy and naturopathy treatments which are effective to watch the International standard.


An excuberant tropical island, a lagoon and a vast sandy beaches are its main features here.

How to get there

Well connectivity of  roads and rail routes available here. NH 47 from Kasaragod to all the spots are available. Nearest airport is Mangalore, 50 km from here.