Kollam Information

Kollam is the district headquarters, spread over an area of 2579 sq.km  and located 71km to north of Thiruvananthapuram. It is the centre for cashew trading and processing industry of the country. Thirty percent of this town is covered by the Ashtamudi Lake, the gateway to the tremendous backwaters of Kerala.bearing one of the oldest Malabar ports it was the ports of international spices trade. Kollam, in fact has a lot of historical backgrounds and a numerous temples that carries architectural values. The most exciting of all is the eight hour boating hour boating trip between Kollam and Allappuzha, which is the longest enchanting boating experience on the backwaters of kerala.

Kollam Tourism Information

Placid backwaters stretch of Ashtamudi

DTPC Kollam offers three house boat cruise package.

1- Exotic blue water cruise

This is a full day cruise covers all the islands un the Ashtamudi backeatwrs. The “see and sleep” cruise option offers a day visit and a night stay on the cruise itself. The “ Star night cruise” picks to peep the sunset and a nights stay on the backwtares.

2. House boat cruises and resort stay

The houseboat cruise starts in the morning and halts in a reserved resort for night stay and the next day dawn the cruise leave the spot and returns back to the starting point at Kollam shore.

3. Houseboat cruise and Kathakali Performers

this cruise leaves Kollam shore often at afternoons, it provides a full day sail with Kathakali performance at dusk and the cruise anchors for the night stay on board the house boat. The next morning returns to the start point. An amazing packages offered by the DTPC of Kollam.

Kollam Tour Information

This is a beautiful picnic spot for recreation and fun.

(75 km)

Palaruvi- in other words ‘cascade of milk’ a literary metaphor to explain its beauty. This waterfall is a picturesque cascade of kerala which flows down a height of 300 ft. from its origin.

Picnic village
(3 km)

One of the main recreational activity centres in Kollam, located on the backwater-front.

Shendurung Wildlife Sanctuary

kerala been surrounded by the tropical forest filled with wildlife sanctuaries around. This Shendurung forests is named after an oldest endemic species tree chenkuruny (Gluta Travancoria) ‘the botanical term’ as per the recent archaeological study reports about Shenduruny. It is said that this spot dates back as the oldest river valley civilization in India and it’s older than the Indus valley civilization, which dates from 4400-3700BC. Paintings formed here matches similar to the Mesolithic period (5210-4420 BC) from central India is also been excavated from here too it’s an exciting information about the past. Another spot is that the central region of this forest is the 26 sq.km artificial lake formed by the parappar dam built across the Shenduruny and Kulathupuzha Rivers are the awesome spots of this earth to be visited in these regions. This wildlife sanctuary us also home town for wild animals, birds and nature beauty.


You have a three km long beach, a century old light house and some ruined forts during Portuguese and Dutches invasion are the spots of visit.


An ancient rock cut cave temple named Kottukal Kal thrikovil Temple expresses the traditional and cultural values those days.

Kottukal Kal Cut Cave Temple
[11km from Chadayamangalam]

Situated on the Thiruvananthapuram –Kottayam MC  Road, explains about the beauty and divinity of rock cut cave temple architecture.


A huge rock at Chadayamangalam takes its name from the mythical bird Jayattu in the epic Ramayana.

Rameshwara temple

This temple carry`s the Pandyan influences in its design and structure, the inscription are in Tamil dating from 12th centuries.


Amidst the nine temples, here the Subramanya temple at Umayanaloor is the most important temple because of been consecrated by Sree.Sankaracharya himself.


A famous shrine dedicated to Sree Sastha . It is situated on the Kollam- Shenkottai road.


Here, two main festivals are celebrated anuually, they are Ochira Kali in mid June and the twelve – day Panthrandu Vilakku (twelve lamp festival) in November, December are the famous ones. The unique feature of this pilgrim centre would be, that there is no idol or deity is worshipped at this famous Parabrahma temple which is dedicated to the universal consciousness.

(29 km)

The ancient Sastha temple here denotes the importance as pilgrim centre. This spot is also called as the ‘Queen of lakes” because these vast fresh waters flanks by hills on three sides to fill in this lake, so fresh and beautiful.


The first planned eco- tourism spot in the country. It gains popularity as it shares resources from Shenduruny wildlife sanctuary.

Alumkadavu (backwaters)
(23 km)

This place famous for its boat building yards, the huge cargo craft of rural kerala boats get shaped here, namely gigantic Kettuvallams’ are built in the Karunagapally town. It is located on the way to Alappuzha from Kollam.

How to get there

This district is well connected with roads and rails. The nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram International airport, about 72 km from Kollam town.