Kottayam Online Information

Kottayam is the district headquarters, spread over an area of 2203 sq.km a place where nature , beauty , bliss dwells it is the ideal location to start touring through Peermade, Munnar, Idukki, Thekkady, Ernakulam and to Madurai in tamilnadu. Kottayam is bounded by the Western Ghats on the east and Vemkanad Lake, Paddy fields of Kuttanad on the west, the landscape of Kottayam is blessed with lush paddy fields, highlands, and rubber plantations. The unique feature of this district is that, it has a population of totally literate people in it. Moreover, the first Malayalam printing press was established by Rev. Benjamin Bailey, a Christian missionary in the year 1820AD. With all these, Kottayam carry a vivid dates of historical backgrounds.

Kottayam Tourism Information

The local sights
Thirunakkara Mahadevar temple

This temple ages back to 500 years of old, is situated at the heart of the town. This temple was built by Thekkumkoor Maharajah. The Koothambalam here is one of the best in Kerala.

Other places of tourist interest

This spot is covered by the four gigantic mountains namely, Mankunnu, Kadayathoormala, Thannipara etc; which heights upto 3200m above sea level , an exquisite spot to trek and relax.

The Vembanad Lake., Kumarakom
(16 km)

This lake has its unique name and fame during the Onam festival. The silent flowing water become alive to the banging music and to the tapping oars on the occasion of the snake boat racing- a spectacular water regatta. Apart from these moments this lake is an excellent picnic spot for fishing and sight seeing.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
(16 km)

This bird sanctuary is spread over 14 acres for birds to migrate every year, a wonderful paradise on earth for the Ornithologists, basically this village Kumarakom is a cluster of islands on the Vemband Lake and also a part of Kuttanal region too. “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever” is true as Keats said. The best place to visit is between June and August.

Bay Island Driftwood Museum

A display of driftwood articles of very high artistic value is here. Entrance by pass is allowed.

Poonjar Palace

The Poonjar Palace is located on the Pala-Erattupetta route, here you hve a royal collections of rock cut lamps, sculptures and antiques etc. a thought of the history is portrayed through articles.

(2 km)

The Siva temples, the place of worship previously were Thekkumkoor royal family was here.

(12 km)

The murals and paintings in Mahadevar temple is famous here.

(40 km)

This is another Siva temple typically pattern as of kerala architecture and it is associated to legendary Parasurama.


Here, the Saraswathi temple known as the Mookambika temple of the south holds the Saraswathi (Goddess of learning and the arts) is worshipped here every year in the month of October and November.


The sun God –Aditya it is the only temple dedicated in kerala to the sun God.


The Arattu ritual of the Thirunakkara Mahadevar temple takes place at the Bhagavathy temple here.


Old temple ages back to centuries depicted to Goddess Bhadrakli.

(18 km)

Kavil Bhagavathy temple , built by the Thekkumkoor Maharajas.

(20 km)

This place is famous for the Sree Subramanya Swami temple.

(17 km)

This is a famous Siva temples well known for its sculptures and it s values.

St. Mary’s church, Cheriapalli
(2 km)

This church is renowned for its architectural elegance, the blend of kerala design and Portuguese style adds more extraordinary outlook to this church. This was built by thekkumkoor Maharajas in the year 1579.

(2 km)


Famous for its Pahlavi inscription and the Persian cross , believed to be one of the seven brought here by St. Thomas this church belongs to the Knanaya Orthodox Syrian community and where built in the year 1550 AD.

Jama Masjid

This mosque is one the oldest one in India, believed to be built in before 1000 years back. This mosque is located on the banks of the Meenachil River with great historic grace.


St. Mary’s church here is the most important one, the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Christians church.


A testimony of Syrian Roamn Christian traditions in the state holds by the old seminary, Marthoma seminary and Vada-vathoor seminary and St. Georges church here is been built by Thekkumkoor Rajas. The CSI cathedral church built over 175 years ago is a monument from the British era.

The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church

It has its headquarters at Devalokam Kottayam.

St. Thomas Mount

The holy land as a belief where St. Thomas sojourned here, it is located 1200 ft. above sea level and offers a graceful view of the Vaikom Lake and the surrounding area.


Here, St. Mary’s church built in the year 355 AD. Its old bell which bears an undeciphered inscription proves the ages of the building and architectural style.


St. Mary’s church here was built in the year 1080 AD and was renovated in 1874.


St. Mary’s church here is 800 years old, built by chempakasseri Maharajah. Nearby the Kundamaloor temple is another equally famous temple is here.


St.Joseph’s Monastery, near the medical college was built by father Chavara Kuriakose Elias. After his demise his mortal remains as a saintly priest and still preserved here.

Kottayam Tour Information

Kaduthuruthi Valiapalli
(on MC road between Ettumanoor andVaikom)

This famous for its massive cross sculpted in one single stone and placed at the entrance, this ages back to 500 AD.

Vimalagiri church

This church is famous for its high tower in kerala. This church has a splendid work of architectural elements based on the Gothic style.


Here, St. Thomas church which dated back to 1002 AD and was renovated once in the 18th century. 


This church is also believed to be established by the apostle St. Thomas himself, the church is named after St. Thomas.

Aruvithira church

Believed to be one of the seven church established by St. Thomas.


Here, there is a famous Mosque namely Pazhayapalli the 950 year old mosque at central Tranvancore.


This is famous for Chandanakudam at Puthenpalli is celebrated here.


This is famous Muslim pilgrim centre. This was made by the mausoleum of Sheik Fariduddin. Nearby this spot you have a scenic hill station of Kurathikkallu.


An amazing, wonder working spot on the Murugan hills at Kurusumala, as you climb up the hills a break way of steps leads within the rock cut caves, wherein, the rocks within the cave are carved like chairs, couches, weapons and the figures of Madurai Meenakshi , Ayyappa, Murugan, Kannaki and more sculptures which are worthy watching, astonishing and exploring the past workmanship.

Kolani Mudi

Another peak in the Iiaveezhapoonchira mountain range, it has caves too.


Located on the outskirts of the district this is again a hill station filled with rocky terrains and pristine nature. The Meenachil River flows through the terrain in these areas.


This hill station is situated on the Idukki – Kottayam border. Here, you have a breeding centre of the kerala livestock board.


This spot is renowned Christian pilgrim centre. On the east side of the hill you have Muruganmala, a rock cut cave temple dedicated to Lord Murugan. The other important spots are European model houses, the artificial lake, these two where designed by the eminent architect, Laurie Baker who were here, once.

Vayaskara and Chirattamon

A valuable place for medicinal and ayurvedic rejuvenation centers.

Pala and Kanjirapally

The major centers of rubber plantation. These spots are nourished by the Meenachil and Manimala Rivers.

(22 km)

This is a stone lamp post, built on a kerala based architectural style and places near the Changanacherry boat jetty. The designer was the freedom fighter Veluthampi Dalawa.


The name means ‘Sands of Midnight’, this 10 acre island on the backwaters are the rest places for the tiring birds that migrate a long distance and lands there legs to ease. Every year rare varieties of birds from different parts of the world lands in this sandy runway…!

Reservoir at Nattakom and Panachikad

You have boat ride from Kodoorar to Kumarakom. Moreover, Ayurvedic massages, boating, fishing and swimming are the added tourist attractions here.

Tourist land , Vaikom

This is a picnic spot for boating on the Vaikom Lake.

Aruvikkuzhi wtarefalls
(18 km)

A picnic spot blessed with full of stream is just 2 km stroll down the mud lane from Kumarakom.

Karikukayam- Meloram

An ideal location for nature lovers is located on the Manimala River that flows between Kanjirappally and Erumeli Panchayat (a plantation town) spells out poetry without verses.


The entrance point of south India’s most prominent pilgrim centres the Sabarimala temple. Nearby, you have Vavarambalam mosque dedicated to Vavar, a companion of the deity, Sree Ayyappa. Therefore, the Hindu pilgrimist offer worship first to the mosque and step up their trek to Sabarimala will be a grace of unity in diversity to the country.

Kayyoor, Bharananganam

An amazing landscape and a shrine dedicated to the Pandavar brothers of the epic Mahabharatha is from here, undoubtedly women are not allowed inside the temple.

Illickal Mala

This peak is about 6000 ft above sea level engaged fully with numerous streams that flows throughout the year. They flow down to form Meenachil River, Incase to trek this peak it takes 3 km to reach the top of the hill.

Illickal Kallu

This spot is surrounded by three hills rising up to 4000 ft. above sea level together they form this huge hill and from the top of the hill the Arabian Sea is seen as a blue thin line down on the earth could be a magnificent view.

Mankallu Mudikal

The three hills in this region is close to each other and at top of the hills flat grounds are found so greenish and grassy, as the mist of clouds hugs them , the moment at a glance will be enchanting view at nature.

Marmala Stream

This stream as a waterfall which cascades down to the jungle, at the bottom of the fall you’ll find a natural bridge leading a path way through the greenly woods.


The location is at top of the hill which provides an over all view through the places below.


The nature’s beauty is that at every dawn the valley’s rocks reflects the rising sun with a mirror like perfection will be a wonder to visualize. Moreover, this is the highest point in Iiaveezhapoonchira. Next Pazhakakakanaam plateau is just 3km from here, this area is nourished through the river Kadapuzha . The complete region is decorated by the bamboo groves, green golden meadows and wild flowers will be the highlights, the added attraction is Kazhukankulimali waterfalls which situated nearby this region.


As per the epics the Pandava brothers of Mahabharath have stayed here during their exile is a belief.

How to get there

This district is well connected by the road and rails. Nearest airport is Cochin international airport, about 76km from Kottayam town.