Kozhikode Online Information

Kozhikode is an important region in Kerala state for trading from centuries back. The Malabar region is with lots of beautiful beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, hill stations and the rivers that spread around this district. This place was earlier known as Calicut, todayknown as Kozhikode and it is the district headquarters. The name means’ Koyil (Palace) Kodu (fortified) and it is spread over an area of 2,344 sq.km with thick population of good people in culture and friendly. Kozhikode has its historical imprints of Zamorins,when Vasco Da Gama the navigator from Lisbon landed at Kappad near Kozhikode and also with great influences of western countries those days. And even prior to it this district have established trading with Chinese and Arab, through the great recourses of sea waters around. During the British rule Kozhikode was under Madras province and later positioned as the capital of Malabar region and still proudly presents to be a major trade market centre for hill based products. Kozhikode , a worthful spot to be visited.

Kozhikode Tourism Information

The local sights

The great exciting moments at Kozhikode could be the Backwaters around the district, so greenish and nature filled is this district with unpolluted and unexplored water canals such as Elathur, the Canolly canal and the Kallai River are the pleasant spots for backwaters boating in Kozhikode. Korapuzha Jalotsavam is another fast pacing popular water sport location here.

Krishna Menon Museum

This museum is neatly maintained and dedicated to the late V.K. Krishna Menon who was an Honourable statesman once. The display of his personal belongings and records are the witnesses of literacy to this district from those days.

SM street

Sweet Meat Street is famous in Kozhikode. It has named from the pre historic periods for the street was lined up with meats stall.

Parsi Anju Amman Baug

This temple od fire dates back 200 years when Parsi invaded for trade. This is situated at the SM Street at Kozhikode.


The scientific location to learn about Universe, Galaxy and Planets, this is located at Jaffarkhan colony in Kozhikode.

Regional Science Centre

This also situated in the same campus at the planetarium, this location offers an exciting dimensions of science and values. 

Munchunthi Palli

This is a Mosque dates back to the 13th century stone inscription. The architecture is based on the traditional kerala style that carries uniqueness here.

Budhha Vihar

This temple of Budhha contains great writings of Budhha and his doctrines.

St.Mary’s church

This church from 1860 conducted sermons to the civil members of the collectorate and the English military people. The cemetery still speaks about the past will have its erstwhile memories.

Mother of God Church

It is a famous pilgrim centre and an oldest portrait of St. Mary is exhibited which will date back more than 200 years. This church built in the roman architectural style dated 1513 AD and a special church in kerala itself.

Kozhikode beach

You get a splendid vision of sunset at this beach; this spot has an old lighthouse and two crumbling piers running into the sea, which dates hundreds of years old. For the kids to celebrate there is the lion’s park and a marine water Aquarium, such great spots to visit.

Kozhikode Tour Information


This spot is famous timber trading centre in Asia. A huge steel bridge built by the British still exists in condition.

Kappad beach
(16 km)

The greatest gateway to the Malabar coast, it has its historic importance of 501 years ago, when 170 men led by the Portuguese navigator Vasco Da Gama (1460-1524) landed in India. This happening makes the Kappad beach a great charm and educational texts in history and Geography at schools. Today, it has a little stone monuments is at Kappad beach to speak about the historical importance.

(10 km)

The famous fishing harbour located at the mouth of the Chaliyar River. It was the prominent ports and harbour from the past days during the early Arabs and European sailed in. it is famous for the boat- building yard, the traditional construction of the Uru or the Arabian trading vessel with traditional designs dating to 1500 years old.

(50 km)

This is a hillock spot, where in beauty of nature flourishes through this region is a well known spot as the name means ‘mist capped peaks’. A wonderful sight seeing spot with birds sanctuary and animals sanctuary and also hill products like rubber, areca nut, pepper, ginger, and spices, its an adventure tourism spot indeed.

Peruvannamuzhi Damsite
(60 km)

In this reservoir you get a great relaxing on speed and slow boat cruises surrounded with uninhabited islands, birds sanctuary and crocodile farm are the added attraction. A beautiful picnic spot amidst the hills brings in tourists interest.


Here, there is a stone inscription formed at the Muccunti Mosque that speaks about the Zamorins of Kozhikode and patronage of Islam in kerala. Nearby you have Mishkal Masjid is one of the oldest mosques in this district.

Kirtads (7km)

This is a museum house which displays the tools and devices used during the ancient tribal periods in kerala. There is a library with books on Anthropology and Sociology which adds more value to this spot.

Pazhassiraja Museum and Art Gallery

Here, the workmanship on paintings by the great artist Raja RaviVarma (1848-1906) is a treasure for historians and connoisseurs of art are displayed.


A golden sand stretch with shallow waters is a worhtful spot to spend time and relax.

Thikkoti lighthouse

This light house here was built after a shipwreck, some remains are still found here. The region at Velliyamkalu rock is home for migratory birds.


This temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathy.


This dam site is so scenic with wildlife sanctuary and a lovely spot to trek and sport. The best seasons are November and April.

(2 km)

A boating spot for leisure time is enjoyed here with both pedal and oar boats.

Vadakara (48 km)

This is a home of great martial traditional. The birth place of Thacholi Othenan- The legendary hero of the Vadakhampattu (ballads of North Malabar). Thacholi Manikkoth, is the Kalari where first Thacholi Othenan practiced its arts of style and credits. You need to have long meditational days before performing a duel poythu. This spot is the traditional values of kerala’s martial arts and self defense.

Wayanad Ghats

The roads over the Ghats viz Wayanad offers a great picturesque view on every turn talking at every higher altitude. It has nine hairpin bends and a trespass through nature. A wonderland to bliss with nature…!

Vellari Mala

River Kanjirapuzha a tribute of the Chaliyar River flows through this region. An ideal spot of trekking with wonderful cascades…


Zamorins Kunjali Marakkar a valiant admiral was born here and today the department od Archaeology maintains it.

Mananchira Maidan

A beautiful palace tank of king Mana – Vikrama is awesome for its architectural beauty. The musical fountain and the lawns around this building is a fascinating spot in Kerala.

Lokanarkavu Temple

This temple associated with the heroes and heroines of the Vadakkanpattu simple yet arresting.

Varakkal Devi Temple

This is the last Devi temple built by Sree Parasurama, among 108.

Jain Temple

There are two temples inside this campus at Trikkovil lane, famous for its paintings & carved porticoes.

Mannur Temple

This structure of divine is more than two centuries old. It resembles like the Siva temple at Thiruvannur and the exquisitely carved Gajaprathista style is patronized in this temple.

Tali Temple

This temple was the venue of Revathy Pattathanam, the annual cultural and intellectual event takes place here. This temple was built in the 14th century by swamy Thirumulpad.


The Sri Krishna temple and the Siva temple at Ponmeri have great collections of paintings from the Puranas.


This is the ruined fort, built in 1788 are found here.

CVN Kalari

Kalarippayat [Kalari, a great martial art arena practicing this art of fighting] rooted in the Dhanurveda, which were utilized during warfare those days. CVN Kalari sangham, is a good place for art and ayurvedic treatment at Nadakkavu, in Kozhikode.

How to get there…

This district is well connected by road and rail. Three National Highways connects Kozhikode with direction to the country. The Karipur International Airport is available at Kozhikode.