Malappuram Information

Malappuram is the district headquarters which is spread over an area of 3550 it is literally means a terraced place on the top of a hill. The major cultivation here is coconut plantation. It is encircled by the Arabien Sea on the West, the Nilgiri Hills on the East and Thrissur and Palakkad districts on the South. The three main rivers flows through Malappuram- they are -the Chaliyar, the Kadalundi and the Bharathapuzha. The climate here is humid in the coastal region and tropical with oppressive heat in the interior part, of this district. The centres for Hindu-Vedic and Islamic Philosophy studies are renowned spots of this districts. The landscape at the low land level are at the sea level and hilly regions are above sa level ranging from 477m to 2340m. the seasons to visit are between the month of September and March.

Malappuram Tourism Information

The Local Sights

Goddess Durga is worshipped here at the Thirumanthamkunnu temple is a famous pilgrim centre.

The Jama-at Mosque

This is an important pilgrim centre for the Muslims. Nearby, mausoleum of Malappuram Shaheeds  [martyrs] have been immortalized in the Mappila ballads are the rejuvenating factor of divinity.

Malappuram Tour Information

Kadalundi Bird Sanctury

This spot is so greenish with the of Kadalundi River that flows to the Arabien sea. The entire spot is filled with picturesque view if islands and hillocks. A hundred varieties of local birds and over 60 percent of migratory birds visit here for the seasons.

Vallikunnu Beach

Here, you have a beach resorts which is set amidst of coconut groves, this location is beautifully placed near Kadalundi.


Tippu Sulthan Fort is here, to speak of prehistoric periods.


You have a Museum here that the values of teak woods. The world`s first teak [Tectona Grandis] is supplied from Nilambur since 1840s. even those days there was a steady provision of teak timber to the British.

[8km South of Tirur]

The great value of Mamangam, a grand assembly of the rulers of Kerala, this takes place once in 12 year. This spot is located on the banks of the Bharathpuzha. Nearby, visiting spots are Melappathur Illam, the home of a great poet, Melappathur Narayana Bhattathiri – the author of Narayaneeyam just 4km from here.

[18 km east of manjeri]

A pilgrim centre for Muslims named as Pazhayangadi Mosque which dates back 500 years old of age.


The great scholar and eminent literate Thunchath Ezhuthachan the father of Malayalam language is born in this place called Thunchan Parambu is here. Today, you have to see the granite Saraswathy Mandapam inside this campus.


This is a small coastal fishing centre provokes the age of Portuguese settlement here. It is said that St. Francis Xavier visited this place in the year 1546.


You have the largest institution of Vaidya Sala in India here, named Kottakal Arya Vaidyasala. The founder is P.S.Vaidyaratnam who was a warrior in 1902.


This spot is located near the Kottakal Ayurvedic Centre. You get a view of the old forts at the foot of Cantonment hill.

Padinharekara Beach

As the Tippu Sulthan road ends, you get an awesome sight seeing of the River Bharathpuzha and Thirupuzha merge into the Arabien Sea.


Bhagavathy temple is famous here. It is said that Sree Sankaracharya the philosopher who set this up. 


A major pilgrimage centre for muslims. There is a shine and mausoleum of Thangals [leader of the Malabar Muslims] is in AR Nagar village.

Kodikuthi Mala

The scenic mountains and natural fountains of stream is a beauty here.


A thick jungle and famous for waterfalls…

How to get there

Well connected roads and rails. Nearest airport is Kozhikode -36 km away from headquarters.