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The name of this place is derived from a tree pala.[Alsteria Scholars] and kadu [forest]. Palakkad is the entrance to Kerala from rest of the country. This region gives great importance on geographical elements on the Western Ghats because of the 32 to 40 km gap in its 960km of range. The district is spread over an area of 4,480 is rich in cultivating rice and is known as granary of Kerala. This district has 136257 – hector of reserve forest which includes the silent valley too. This place is profusely blessed with water irrigation because of the eight rivers gets originated here, among which the Bharathapuzha is the largest river of the state. Konkan Railways that travels through Western Ghats is an attraction in this district and to the state.

This town Palakkad is the district headquarters on the lower edges of the Sahyadri ranges of the district.

Palakkad Tourism Information


Here, the right spot to picnic and tour, because of various places of visit are numerous here. Such as, Dam, amusement park, boating zones, rock garden and rope way are the amazing spots to visit. In which, the rock garden is a masterpiece to the great sculptor Padmasree Neck Chand Saini. The sailent feature of the garden is that, this spot is design with material waste- such as unwanted and broken pieces of bangles, tiles, used plastic cans, tins and other waste materials. A seal Fantasy Park for kids with variety of water sports in it is a gaze…      .


Here, you have, an old Vishnu temple, Kollengode palace and the area surrounded with green paddy fields are the eye hunting location here.


A region of tribal settlement in state is here.

Silent Valley National Park

This Valley is circumferenced by 90 With rare birds, deer and tigers live in it.


Sight seeing spots are a lake and an aquarium is here.


This is a highest peak of this district famous for tea and coffee plantations.


This is located on the hills along Pothundy Dam; the landscape is dressed beautifully with nature and seems to be the topmost point at Palagapandi estate. Boating and other sight seeing through nature is available here.

Palakkad Tour Information

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is located between the Annamalai ranges of Tamil Nadu and Nelliyampathy spread ranges over an area of On the Western Ghats  is thickly populated with deers, bonnet macaques, Nilgiri langurs, tigers, lion tailed macaques, reptiles like cobra, vipers, turtles, darters, little cormorants and black eagles etc… Only few tribal terrace are found here in this spot..


This reservoir at Siruvani is the source of water supply to CBE Tamilnadu and it was built by the Kerala Government. It said that Mudugars and Irulars tribe is still in existence.

Mangalam Dam

This is a tributary Dam of Mangalam River which is built across the Cherukunnath River.

Kurchan Smarakam

This is a famous memorial to the poet Kunchan Nambiar, who was famous for his satirical art work. This house is situated at Killikurissimangalam at Lakkidi.


This spot is noted for the ruined historical monuments and great archeological importance, lies here.


There is an old temple consist of fine wood work and stone sculpture that reveals the ages of great workmanship in Kerala.


A wonderful spot to picnic, this Pothurdy reservoir complex is situated on the way to Nelliyampathy.


A hamlet, were the late Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavather was born.


A lovely location for adventure tourism, a three hour trek from the base of the Dhoni hills takes you to a beautiful reserve forest area with waterfall, a splendid location, to be spent with.

(30 km)

This is a dam across the river Gayathiri is a lovely picnic spot.


A divine spot of Sree Rama temple, it is said that he water of this natural spring is holistic and scared as of Ganges of North India.

Chittur Garumadam
( Thekkegramam near Arikkode)

Located on the banks of the river Sokanasini (the destroyer of sorrows) this is a memorial to Thunchath Ezhuthachan.

The Ongallur Taliyil shiva temple

With lots of intricate laterite sculptures this temple in kerala is situated near Pattambi.


This spot is named as (peacock rock) because of the peacocks fleeting in large number in this area. The natural beauty encircled the spot with the national bird is a splendid sight to look at…

(35 km)

This town is a place of worship and place of celebration of festivals. The importance here is, the Gandhi Seva Sadan Kathakali and classic Arts Academy is located here.

How to get there

This district is well connected by roads and rails. The nearest airports are Coimbatore (55 km), Cochin (160 km) and Kozhikode (180 km).