Pathanamthitta Information

Pathanamthitta is the district headquarters spread over an area of 2,642 wherein most of the landscape in this district is surrounded by forest. Sabarimala , a major pilgrim centre of the country is located at an altitude of 3790 ft above sea level . The climate report is tropical always, from here a large supply of hill products are at trade in the state and to the international market. The best seasons of visit are between August and March.

Pathanamthitta Tourism Information

( 80km)

A unique pilgrimage centre for the Indians, people swan in from all the directions to worship Lord Ayyappa here, every year. This part is surrounded by hazardous hills like Kannimala and Neelimala.

( 10 km from Erumeli)

This spot is a waterfalls in the Pamba River makes it a picnic spot on the way to Sabarimala.

Maramon Covention

This convention of Christian congregation gather here every for worship . this largest convention of its kind in the world takes place every February and doctrines are shared by repute speakers from international standards.

Cherukolpuzha Convention

This is a Hindu religious convention of Ayirroor Cherukolpuzha with huge gatherings of devotees to listen to the divine verses from the Hindu scholars.

Pathanamthitta Tour Information

Chandanakkudam Festival

This is a festival of Jamal- Al – Mosque at Pathanamthitta pulls in thousands of devotees for worship.


Nearby the kattur Mosque festival and Kalamala mosque festival near Adoor are famous here.

Manjanikkara and Parumala

These are the places of divinity and religious importance.

Uthrittathi Boat race

This race takes places on the river Pamba near the Parthasarathi temple at Aranmula, is an annual event. It is believed that river Pamba was crossed by the Lord Parthasarathi. Therefore, to fulfill the ritual all the snake boats in kerala would take part in this worship and celebration will be an awesome sight to watch.

Arranmula Mirror

The great skillset of workmanship of Keralaites is revealed in this metallic mirror, which is universally noted from Arranmula . In this metallic mirror the bell metal is tanned, tempered and polished to give a mirror like reflection, which exposes the excellenceof keralite handy works. The other major reservoirs around here are Konni, kakki, Pamba and Anathodu and these are the picnic spots too…

How to get there…

Mc road, the state highway passes by this district. Nearest airport is at Cochin, 152km away.