Wayanad Online Information

Previously called as Wayalnadu’ this location is bounded by Kannur, Kozhikode, Malapuram districts of kerala and the nearing states will be Tamilnadu and Karnataka… the name of this place means “the land of paddy fields’. This district is spread over an area of 2131sq.km and results to be the largest producer of Pepper in the country. The district headquarters is Kalpetta the only municipal town in this district and the next best landmark is the Puliyarmala Jain temple.

Wayanad Tourism Information

The historical monuments and the Ananthanathaswami Jain temple near Puliyarmala will be the added attraction to this spot.

Other places of tourist interest…
(27km from Mananthavady)

this location is said to be having the oldest Vishnu temple in south India, gracefully watered by the river Papanasini which flows near to the temple. Another River is Kabani supplies a major tribute to the River Kaveri , orginates from the Brahmagiri hills at a height of 5276 feet will be a nature’s adventure….

Padinjarathara (25 km)

This is the second largest dam in Asia; with a great location of scenic attraction this holds the fame for Banasura project which is the largest earthen bam in India.

Pookkot Lake
(30 km)

This is a picnic location for family and kids for vocation here, you get a glimpse at natural fresh water lake, an aquarium with numerous varieties of fish, boating, children play park and a good walking and sitting yards to relax with nature naturally….

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

This is another thick dense forest region surrounded the kerala state, this sanctuary is spread over an  area of 345km with rich flora and fauna around , the major man made project will be elephant training school…

Begur wildlife sanctuary
(20 km east from Maananthavaadi)

The spot is profusely filled in with natural bliss and green woods around, a lovely location for nature lovers and worshippers of nature too… this region has a healthy growth of various spices, herbs and species of plants and animals…a place surrounded with beautiful dangers ahead…

Ambalavayal Heritage Museum
(12 km south of Sultan bathery)

A very rare 2nd century artifacts will be the major attraction here for the tourists...

Edakkal caves

This location exposes the human habitations found here sine the early man period…inside the caves you have inscriptions on the rocks and stones and some pictures in the walls of the cave to which makes us think those olden days ancestors jungle living, similarly to these cave drawings which is considered to be 7000 years old are found even in the caves of stiriya in European Alps and in Africa. This prime location is located 10km from sultan Bathery in Kerala.

Wayanad Tour Information

Thirunelly temple
(32km northeast of Mananthavady)

This temple is a fabulous location for architectural values and glamour, the Papanasini River flows to flourish the surroundings of this location, moreover Kambamala, Karimala and Varadiga are the region encircled this location.

Sultan Bathery

The major importance to this location is Chethalayam waterfalls and The Jain temple.


Kanthanpara, Sentinel rock and Meenmutty waterfalls are the nearby attractions here.

Pazhassi tomb
(32 km northeast of Kelpetta)

This is a memorial to the great warrior and the King of Kerala who fought the Guerrilla warfare against the British East Indian Company and been named as the Lion of Kerala’, this tomb is located at Mananthavady.

The glass temple of Kottamunda

This temple is deicated to the Parswanatha Swamy of Jainism faith and it is located in the slopes of Vellarimala.

Chembra peak

The highest peaks in Kerala will be this location which has recorded the height of 2100m above sea level.

( 15 km from of Mananthavady)

It is an  hill station wherein tourist and celebrities come here for the purposes of herbal medicinal care because this spot is filled with herbal garden, nature care units , sericulture units , perma- culture units etc; these are established by the Wayanad social service society and the Indo- Danish project for enhancing the herbal gardening are concentrated here.

(17 km from Mananthavady)

This location is an isolated island faraway from the maddening crowd, this 950 acre is an Uninhabited island on the eastward bound Kabani river will be an ideal picnic spot and a rare home for species and birds, orchids and herbs too..

(10km from Thirunelly)

This is another bird’s sanctuary filled in with flora and fauna, this location can only be accessed by trekking, you find the rare species of birds through the watch tower will be an enchanting sight here.

How to get there

Nearest airport is Kozhikode, 109 km from Kalpetta, the district headquarters, the district is well connected with roads and rails…