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          KERALA is one of the most graceful lands on earth filled with nature and beauty.  It’s a land of the Leal, a happy-land in INDIA. Its salubrious nature is pantheism to the people who visit its atmosphere, here.  Every step you make and every breath you take will make you understand the power of GOD and creation. So, awesome to feel and no words to describe.  The blissful nature  has  haunted  this piece  of  land  with  beauty  and  testifies  that God  is real,  to  own  this  city.  [KERALA - in other words –GOD’ own country]  A blessed southern state in India, for man to inherit and dwell with it’s climate ,long stretches of backwaters, beaches, plantation’s, golden greenish meadow’s, cascades  and, scenic forest’s filled with gorgeous  wild life are the great wonderful environment’s of this paradise’ indeed are HEAVENLY  experience on earth for a tourist.

          The clean atmosphere is also filled with lots of culture, religion, holistic arts and cheering festival with prehistoric values that also adds beauty to the beautiful… you find all these wonders of charm on your every move around the state will be an unique advantage that no other destinations in India offer…. As human on earth come visit to experience the spell of nature.

Kerala General Information

          This wonderful landscape is encircled by the Arabian Sea on the west Tamilnadu and Karnataka states in the East. The ranges of Western Ghats spreads through the state provide a class of climate to this state. This state is also so unique by having 44 rivers & backwaters that flows throughout the year. [41- west flowing &-3 east flowing across the state, along with numerous rivulets. It covers an area of 38,863, Kerala is divided into three categories of geographical landscapes such as Highlands, Midlands and Lowlands.

          The  major plantations area of the Highland slopes of Western Ghats and Midland  lies between the mountains and lowlands are the hills and the valleys of this Western Ghats. This region is a farmland which over 25% of India’s 15,000 plant species. This state is fenced with wet tropical evergreen,  semi green forest and also you find Mangroves and coconut droves and low  morass lands near the coastal area that surrounds Kerala bountifully.

The Climate,   

          It’s a tropical state of south, with a good climate throughout the year.  From  the month of  February to May  is  summer,  while  the weather  forecast  will  match  the  temperature  from  24-330c.  The monsoon rain  during the month of June- September  which records  a good  pour of rainfall  and the  winter season is  between October  and January records  a  temperature  range from 22-330c.

Kerala History

          This land Kerala is abundantly blessed   with Nature has its belief of Alienation. The  legend  Parasuram,  the 6th incarnation  of Lord Vishnu  once  stood  on  high place and  shoot  his  axe  into  the great   waters  of sea  and  commanded  to  retreat. Thus ,  the  land  emerged  out of  the  waters and  became as  Kerala  is  the  story  that  being  believed . Long back,  Kerala  was  divided  into  three  regions  namely,  Malabar  as  Tellicherry   and  Cannanore and  Kasargode  under French  possessions  from  Mahe  islands  nearby.  This  was  returned  to  India  in  the early  1950’s  and  is now  administratively  part of Pondicherry.  This area was once belonged to Madras Presidency under   the British.  The middle section was formed by the Princely state of Cochin and the third by Travancore, another erstwhile Princely state.  This  land  formed  to be  more  fertile  and  prosperity  of  nature made traders  from  Jewish  province  and  Arabians  to  share in  for  trade  and  growth.   During  A.D.52   St.Thomas   the apostle of  Christ  have  stepped  forth  to  establish  the  first  church  in Kerala  at  Muziris.  Later,  Portuguese  discovered  the  route  to  India  from  Europe  when  Vasco Da  Gama  landed at Kappad in  Calicut  in  the  year  1948 AD.  This  made  many  country  men  to  invade  this  land  for  venture, Portuguese  was  followed  by Dutch, French  and British.  Therefore,  Kerala  still  exist with  all  its  beauty  and  charming  both  in  Nature  and  buildings.   Today  Kerala  is  a  collection  of  people  belonging  to  various  sects  of  Christianity,  Islam  and  Hinduism.  1956,  this  was  the  year and  1st  of November  that   Kerala  state  was  formed  and  created  to  celebrate  the  ‘Birth  of  Kerala’  as  ‘Kerala  Piravi’  by  the  people  of  Kerala.

 The People

          The kerala people are a charm of the south India.  Beauty everywhere is incomparable. Though this is the smallest of the four southern states, it has its high density in population and ranks high in literacy rate in the country. This leads to 100% of lowest rate in female infanticide and proves a ratio of [1,032 females to every 1,000 males] is a great significance in this country. The people of kerala are so elite in culture, culture based dressing, and affable personalities to move with. Though the modern, western culture flows in, Keralites are traditional in enhancing the old values.  They  are  hardworking,  smart working  with  these  charm  and beauty  that  God  has  blessed  with.  They  are  religious  and  pious,  brave  and  understandable,  clean  and  hospitable  to  a  simple  life with broad outlook.         

The Language  

          The native language  is  Malayalam,  a  unique  word  in  English  that  could  be  spelt  the  same  from  both  side.  It’s a language of rhythm and poetic. The second language could be English as it’s spoken widely now.

The religion

        Mostly people of Kerala are based with Hinduism and the minority religions are Islam and Christianity.

The Kerala fairs and festivals

          List of Hindus festivals and fairs such as Onam,Vishnu, Navarathri, Diawali, Maha Sivarathiri,Arattu at Sree padmanabhaswamy temple ,Ambala puzha,Arattu, Aranmula Uthrattathi,Ashtami at vaikom,Aatukal Ponkala,Ettu manoor festival, Guruvayoor festival, Harappad temple festival,Kanathurkavu Uthsavam,Kappally Kumbham thira,Kodiyettu Uthsavam at Thiruvarathukavu Bhavathi temple, Kodungallor Barani Uthsavam, Kodal Manickam Uthasavam,Kumaranalloor Thrikkarthika Uthsavam,Lokanarkavu Uthsavam,Mannar sala Uthsavam, Nellikulangara Vela,Thrissur pooram,Sabarimala shrine festival,sharakara, Bharani and Kalliyootu,Sivagiri mutt festival,Sundareswara temple festival,Thirunakara uthsavam,Thriuvathira festival, Thiruchambaran Uthsavam,Uthra sreeveli in Thiruvalla temple and Varkala Janadhana swamy temple Arattu.

        The Christians festivals are, Christmas, Easter are the main festive and followed by various feasts such as. Arthungal feast at St.Andrwe`s church the Bharanamganam feast at St. Mary`s church, the Edapaly perunal,  the Edathua festival at St. Geroge`s church, the two feasts celebrated in the Kadamattom church, the feast at St.Mary`s church at Kallooppara, the Koratty feast near Chalakudy, the feast at St.Thomas shrine at Malayattur, the festival at the church at Manjikkara, the Maramon convention, the festival at Niranam, Rakkuli Thirunal at Pala, the feast of St.Domnic church at Aluwa, the annual feast at the shrine of St.Joseph, the feast of ourlady at  Thumpoly, the Vettukadu festival, etc.. Are the fairs and festival for Christians at Kerala, they celebrate it with spritituality and divinity.

          Islamic festivals are, the Chandhanakadu Majostavam in Beemapalli, Cheruman juma Masjid at Kodungalloor,the Veliancode jaram Nercha festival, the Melapuram Nercha etc..Some other festivals are the Oachira Ketukazhalacha, the jain festival at Palakkad, the Nehru trophy regatta at Alappuzha, the Ottappalam Nercha festival. The annual Padayani Utsavam of the Bhagavathykkavu Nilamperoor, and the Vallarpadam feast.

Keralam Culture

          Kerala is situated amidst the entrapment of the western Ghats and a long coastline which is widely open to foreign influences has never changed its culture of festivals , dresses, food, behaviour and even the intonations in accent of any language they speak is been sounding Malayalam expresses the motherly affection to their state.

Keralam Arts

          Dance and Music are the twins of this state…Every soul of Kerala would like to bear it as their own. The most important among them are Koothu, Koodiyattom, Patakom, Ashtapadiyattom, Krishnattom,Thullal, Mohiniyattom, and Kathakali. Some folk dances mainly performed by men and some by women, there are about more than fifty known folk dances, some to list here are, Kaliyattom, Mudiettu, Kolamthullal, Kolki, Poorakkali, Velakali,kamapadavukali, Kanniyarkali, Parichmuttukali, Thappukali, Kuravarkali and Thiruvathirakali are the most popular.


           Carnatic music is the “Lob tub’ of keralites and folk songs for the localites and also light music are so melodious in recent time films too…

The crafts

          Keralites are the known for their sense of aesthetic in creativity. Handicrafts in kerala provide its cultural value and talents of the people. The major crafts are Metal crafts, Stone and Wood carving, Ivory carving and the most favorite jewelry making are the worthy crafts that still exist.

The Keralam Architecture

          Kerala is so unique in structureing building, to match the natural beauty which is by nature itself, itself. Therefore, the Architecture in Kerala has a vivid contribution both in secular and religion. Some of them are The Tanarasamuchaya, Vastuvidyalaya,Manushalaya Chandrika and Silparatna- the great treatises especially Manushalaya Chandrika is a devoted work dedicated to the domestic architecture. The traditional house structure of Kerala is called as Nalukettu. Nowadays, traditional houses have given changes in style and design.

          The Kerala temple architecture were started in the rock-cut caves and had a subtle growth in stone structuring gives attraction today, it has grown with new ideas based on wooden roofing with slopes and carving that really provides district outlook to the Kerala temples. Previously, even Christian churches were in the model of temples and later got changed with Gothic style. Then Mosques in Kerala, is also like the Hindu temples in its exterior walls on the basement, and in Mosque with its two – storied building with tiled roof. But, there some few Mosque`s such as Juma Masjid at Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram and Pudhiyapalli at Calicut in Kerala that follows the Islamic style of architecture as in Northern India.

The cuisine

          India in general gives a veriety of tasty food, any where you go…Kerala is also a best cuisine spot for the travelers. Its food is spicey as of Tamilnadu , but, yet, tastes are different, cuisine of Kerala is mildly flavoured and cooked gently to be light on the stomach. Both Non-vegetarian and vegetarian are the special combat to eat and be merry. Food pulaos, pilafs and biriyanis are the Non-vegeterian and thoran, kaalan, pachadi and olen, puttu and banana for the vegetarian dishes and food. There are gently steam cooked and hygienic for good health, too.

The Industries

          Kerala has grown rapidly into trading and business. Major Industries are tourism, Information Technology, Fertilizer, Oil refining, Power Generation, Ship buildings, Machine Tools, Electronics, Cables and Rubber and 2film Industry are the major trading outlets, here.

The Economy

          The economical status of Kerala is well grown since its started to tradr from those days.  With wonderful landscape and climate, Kerala takes upgreat economical status through agriculture; the major cash crops are rubber, coffee, tea, spices, pepper, cardamom, cashews coconut, areca nut and rice. Export is made of easy because of coastal region and that provides economic status too, such as Marine, coir, handicrafts, spices, processed and unprocessed food items, fishes and other products are exported to overseas market is also a reason on economical value to Kerala.


          Kerala is a state that could ever be called as ‘Thames in Europe’ Because Airways, Railways, Sea route and Bus route are the blessings given to Kerala. The state has three major Airports, one in Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode. Wherein, two of them are International Airports. There are 16 ports among which Kochi is the only major anchoring port in the state. There are three intermediate ports and 12 minor ports. The rail route is well connected with Zoo station and 101 train services provide the connectivity to all the places in India. The Roadways is a vital Network with NH47, NH17, and NH49 the three major National highways that links the state to the country. Almost every corner of the state has the roadways facility by government buses, provide taxi, autorickshaw etc… and mainly island water transport available at Kollam, Alapuzha, Kottayam and Ernakulam are the added mobility to the people in town and off the town.

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