Ways to Use Your Document Camera for Learning


Since the pandemic, the world has been opened to the possibilities of learning online. Before that, most educational institutions used to operate with physical classes. But today, an educational institution that does not have one online teaching tool is operating below the required standard. In the past, we used to operate with projectors in the classroom. These projectors were always mounted in one location. In a school with high standards, there will be one projector in every classroom. But if the administrators do not have the funding for that, they will have a special room that will have one projector for presentation. This was limiting because you can not easily show your students an image quickly because you need to book the space ahead of time. A great replacement for projectors in this age and time is the document camera. The limitations of projectors were a lot, and some innovative minds were thinking of better ways.

Document cameras may not have the popularity of projectors today. But when it comes to having flexible features, projectors do not come close. There are a host of things a document camera can be useful for, aside from presenting. Your Document camera can double as a recording device, while you are presenting things to students. You can use the document camera in a zoom meeting where there are students, and together, you enjoy the class. Moreso, the document camera is smaller than the projector, therefore, it is easy to carry around and use. No need to waste money on multiple projectors. In this guide, we will be showing you how you can use the document camera in a learning environment.

For reading

As a teacher, you may want to train your children to read, especially if you are taking the younger generation. But if you tell them to read together, it is normal that they are distracted. For instance, we all have different reading and pronunciation speeds. If we are to read a text together, some will finish before the others. But with a document camera, you can ensure reading in unison.

To create class notes

We have spoken about using document cameras for the younger generation, let’s talk about the older folks. When you get into high school, the focus is more on explaining than creating a note. However, a note is still very important for two reasons. First, we tend to remember what we write down easily. Secondly, you need something to go back to when you forget a particular term. You can use a document camera to create these notes with students.

To hold a strategy session

In high school and college, there are some practical courses that require a bit of Brainstorming before you can get the right thing. If you explain straight to the point, they may never get it. But with an image or a video shown through your document camera, you will be able to brainstorm with the students, enabling you to explain things better

To start an educational discussion

If your class is getting boring or students have a free period, you can display images with the document camera to ensure that students start discussions that educate them.


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