Honor Smartphones With Spectacular Color Shades


Honor smartphones, just like many other smartphone products, have taken the initiative to create different color shades of smartphones other than regular black. With the new color options, phone users now use their phones as fashion accessories which are usually appealing to the eyes. If you are the type that does not fancy regular colored phones, then you will find that this article features several honor smartphones with different color shades.

5 Honor Smartphones With Different Color Shades

Honor 10

Honor 10 has a fresh design and cutting-edge AI technology that’s a perfect picture of what a powerful and stylish smartphone should be and look like. The Honor 10 has a gorgeous Aurora glass surface that’s hard to miss and definitely one of the first thigns you’d notice about this masterpiece. Much more than that is the burst of different beautiful colors reflected on this smartphone when viewed from different angles.

But before you think this phone is all about aestehetics, the smartphone is also spectacular with its inbuilt camera. By capturing clear and impressive images, amateur shutterbugs will become professional photographers in no time! Furthermore, the AI present in the camera can adjust images quickly.

With a fingerprint sensor under the glasss, you can still unlock the Honor 10 even if your fingers are wet! The battery on this smartphone is an additional feature, as its battery capacity is 3,400 mAh, so the phone charges faster and lasts longer!

Honor 8x

With its massive, elegant screen, the Honor 8X is a landmark on its own. With a full HD screen and innovative chip-on-film technology, it is a true beast for any tech enthusiast!

With its 6.5 inch screen, this borderless phone still provides an easy grip, so style points can be had without sacrificing functionality! Because the Honor 8X has a large screen, it also includes an integrated eye comfort mode. As a result, one can still enjoy the stunning display without being bothered by irritation or pain in the eyes!

Additionally, the Honor 8X features a gorgeous glass body. Impressive in appearance, this smartphone also offers users efficient performance to match. Due to its powerful Kirin 710 chipset, this smartphone should perform faster and last longer. In terms of memory, the Honor 8X won’t let you down – it supports up to 128GB of ROM!

Honor 9x

Besides the fact that Honor 9x comes with several state-of-the-art features, the device is also one of the most colorful honor smartphones on the market. From midnight black to emerald green and sapphire blue, there are several options to choose from, especially if you’re the type that’s big on phone colors.

Honor Magic3

Suffice to say that magic3 is probably one of the most mature honor smartphones you’ll find today. A picture of cool elegance, magi3 boasts different natural colors like Blue Hour (Vegan Leather), Golden Hour (Vegan Leather), White, and Black. If you’re the kind that wants to look classy without so much splash of color, then honor magic3 is your guy. You can check out the honor magic3 mobile price here.


Colors give life to everything we do, which also applies to your mobile devices. And believe it or not, besides technical specifications, color is one other thing many phone users look out for before purchasing a phone.

Many honor smartphones have spectacular color shades, but those on this list have unique colors compared to their siblings. If you don’t fancy any of the colors of the listed products, you could carry out further research to find the color that suits you best.


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